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  1. I see that no one is answering this. MSP432 must not be a priority. It would help if energia.nu would set up an offline installer that a browser (Firefox, for example) could download. Then a dropped download could at least be restarted. I'm not a big fan of online installers, whether T.I. or energia - too buggy too often.
  2. 2nd attempt: killed Energia process in Task Manager; shut down the computer; powered back up and restarted Energia; restarted installation of MSP432 board. Now says: Downloading tools (2/3). Downloaded 26,911kb of 82,014kb. Hung. This forum page loads and operates OK. Cancel and Close buttons still do not work. Win 7 Task Manager claims that windows cannot close the Energia window because it is waiting on a response from me. Killed the process again. Energia is not working as claimed.
  3. I'm trying to install the board driver for the MSP432P401R in Energia MT, and it hangs up. IAfter installed PDinst64.exe, it says: Downloading tools: (3/3). Downloaded 24,440kb of 82,014kb And has said so for the last 15 minutes. This is not the first time. Previously it had hung on about 2kb out of 7kb. This topic page downloads fine, so what gives? Also, it cannot be stopped by clicking on the Cancel or Close buttons. I have to go into Win7 Task Manager and kill Energia there. More than once.
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