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  1. Thank you very much DeepBlueSky, that is brilliant, and rather fast also ! It is exactly what I needed You are my savior
  2. Hi, Yes I tried this particular one (it is for SPI and I do not know how to change it to work with I2C) and many other ones, including the Adafruit, U8g2, etc.
  3. Hi guys, I bought this small OLED display (http://www.banggood.com/0_96-Inch-4Pin-White-IIC-I2C-OLED-Display-Module-12864-LED-For-Arduino-p-958196.html) and cannot make it to work with the libraries I tried (like https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_SSD1306). Has any of you already used it and could help? Thanks
  4. Hi I cannot make the ADC 16-bit to work on a launchpad with MSP430F2013: can someone explain how it works and/or send me a example? I previously used the 10-bit ADC with MSP430G2452 but needed better resolution so I switched to F2013. I use energia-0101E0017-linux64 and selected LaunchPad w/ msp430f3321 which seems to work for other things (blinking for instance) but analogRead does not. I would really appreciate some feedback... Leif
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