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  1. Actually it's not working properly... http://forum.43oh.com/topic/9208-issue-with-i2c-and-wire/
  2. Hi all, I'm Daniel from France, from Paris to be more precise I'am 24 and I have a master in embedded systems, I was graduated like a month ago I started working a week ago and i found a lot of answers on this forum so i finally decided to join I hope i will be able to help as much as i have already been helped thanks to this forum (even if not registered) See you around!
  3. Hello everybody, I'm trying to read some registers of the TPS65982 EVM with a MSP430f5529LP. I found out thanks to google that the Wire Library doesn't support a repeated start condition. By the way the library is not working properly ( endTransmission() makes the Launchpad freeze) so i followed the instructions given on this topic: https://e2e.ti.com/support/development_tools/code_composer_studio/f/81/p/529036/1924573 (patch energia 17 with two files: twi.c and twi_sw.c) and it works correctly now. I tried next to make a "home made repeated start condition" with energia 17: i noticed in the file twi_sw a function i2c_sw_start(addresse,rw); so i tried to run it when appropriate but doesn't work... If someone has any idea of how to make one, or if there is a library supporting the repeated start condition it would be great I attach to this post the files I modified to make a repeated start condition (my custom function is called resend_start()) Thanks in advance, Poliakospl twi.c twi.h twi_sw.c twi_sw.h Wire.cpp Wire.h
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