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  1. Thanks for your reply nickds1.....great advice and this is exactly what I've done. I'm now using CCS and its various tools, gaining a better understanding of the microcontroller and its low power features. Bit of a steep learning curve but I'll get there.

  2. Hi,

    I'm interested in energy harvesting applications with the FR5969. I've noticed there's quite a delay before the code runs, probably 500mS or more. This is just testing with a simple piece of code that turns on the LED. Launchpad supplied direct from a power supply and all jumpers removed. Is there some boot-up routine or something going on that is automatically programmed that I'm not aware of, or something else? Obviously this is quite a significant delay for these type of applications, as all the energy is being exhausted in starting the thing up. Any ideas/experiences would be great. I'm using Energia 17 and MSP430FR5969 Launchpad.


  3. First time I've been able to use this forum for a few days as all I've been getting is an error page.


    I'm using the 430G2553. I had a look on data and clock pins and they were just sat high. Thought I'd try the code on an Arduino and I had data and clock activity. Sorting the I2C address out form A2h to a 7 bit address which became 51h (cheers for the reminder roadrunner84) I was able to communicate over I2C to my device :-) Out of interest I tried an MSP430FR5969 with my bit of code and that worked fine too. It would seem it there's an issue when using the 2553. I do have another 2553 which I tried and still no joy. I'm using Energia 17 by the way as 18 wouldn't work for me!

  4. #include <Wire.h>
    void setup()
      Wire.begin(); // join i2c bus
    byte val =   0xAB;
    byte val_1 = 0xCD;
    void loop()
      Wire.beginTransmission(0xA2); // transmit to device 0xA2 10100010
      Wire.write(byte(0x20));            // sends address hi byte
      Wire.write(byte(0x04));            // sends address lo byte
      Wire.write(val);               // sends value into memory
      Wire.write(val_1);             // sends value into memory
      Wire.endTransmission();     // stop transmitting


    Sorry, found the paste function.

  5. Hi all,


    Is there a fundamental flaw(s) with the attached code. I know it isn't elegant :-). New to this and I'm trying to write the word ABCDh to address location 2004h of an RFID chip with serial EEPROM. The device address is Ah but bits b3-b1 allow for multiple devices on the same bus hence 0xA2. I'm using p1.7 = SDA and P1.6 = SCL and have the necessary pull-ups. Any help/pointers/advice appreciated whilst I still have some hair.




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