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    Basic Question in using MSP430

    Hi' An update and a cry for help! Since the last post here, I've finished my scratch built CNC machine, controlled by the Arduino and it seems to be working fine. I need this to cut the gears for the clock. I managed the electronics because I simply followed other peoples Arduino projects. However, I've not got my head around the electronics for controlling the clock, despite the friendly advice I've received. I'm really a wood builder rather than an electronics guy. In the meantime I've emailed the original builder of the micro-controller circuit, hoping to buy a complete unit but it seems he doesn't offer them for sale. So, my cry for help: Is there anything similar out there in the market place or could/would anyone be interested in quoting for a complete unit? Ralph
  2. RalphB

    Basic Question in using MSP430

    Thanks for the quick and concise answer. I've spent ages trying to find an answer and you've given me the very page I needed! I can start moving ahead again Given I'm going to have to buy a Launchpad for this, I'll have to think of other ways to use it. Ralph