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  1. Thanks to all! I will try to build my ( ) little toy and I hope it will work.
  2. Thank you cubeberg, I have to use Energia to code.
  3. Hi to all, I am new with low power modes and therefor I want to use this forum for an initial project. It will be a kids toy. Just a MSP430G2553, two AA-batteries, one LED and a pushbutton. If you press the pushbutton than the LED will light up. If you press the pushbutton again than the LED will switch off. If the LED is on for a about 1 minute than the LED will be turned off. Another push on the button will turn on the LED etc. The code for the task above is not a bis problem. But I want the controller to send in sleep mode while waiting for another push of the button. And I have no clue..
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