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  1. Hello everyone. I've been working with the NFC module, and it worked. It sent data of an application of measures. I have connected with the TIVA 123GXL. Today I wanted to read data, And it no longer works. Is there any way to tell if the module does not transfer data? I connected an oscilloscope between the pins 14,15 (bridged with 9.10 respectively) of the I2C. and it show 3.2 V in the following figure. some help ?
  2. my code is : #include "NDEF.h" #include "NDEF_TXT.h" #include <RF430CL.h> #include <Wire.h> #define RF430CL330H_BOOSTERPACK_RESET_PIN 8 #define RF430CL330H_BOOSTERPACK_IRQ_PIN 12 RF430 nfc(RF430CL330H_BOOSTERPACK_RESET_PIN, RF430CL330H_BOOSTERPACK_IRQ_PIN); double randomDouble(double min, double max, int numCasas){ long _min = min * pow(10, numCasas) + 0.1; long _max = max * pow(10, numCasas) + 0.1; return (double) random(_min, _max) / pow(10, numCasas) ; } double Freq = randomDouble(10.71, 10.79, 2)+1839755.00; double voltage_1 =
  3. hello !! Everything in order, it works. now what I need to know is, can I send float type data? If so, how?
  4. nooooo !!! It's not what I'm looking for, I just need to be guided, I don't want you to do my homework. What I usually do is take examples and modify them for my need. I mean that I have covered the code provided above, but it does not work for me, so I asked. To know if something I am doing wrong. Then when communication works, I will change things my way. thank you for your answer. Greetings.
  5. Rei Vilo what i need is generate random numbers between {1839765.71, 1839765.79} but with float variable ... how can I get it ?
  6. I try this example but the reaults is not what i'm looking for .... how can i fix it ? long randNumber; float result; void setup(){ Serial.begin(115200); randomSeed(analogRead(0)); } void loop() { randNumber = random (183976571, 183976579); Serial.println(randNumber); result = randNumber%10; Serial.println(result); delay(1000); }
  7. Hello everyone !! I have a small problem and it is the following: First I'm simulating sensors with approximate random's values, and I need to upload this data to pubnub and freeboard as monitoring platform, the problem I have is that in pubnub I find the values updated in real time, What happens, is that when I upload to freeboard are not updated, they take a fixed number. I am hesitating in the way of storing them, I think it is not appropriate. I have the well-linked accounts between pubnub and freeboard. Greetings. MR this is my code !!
  8. Hello Guys !! how can i get random numbers between (e.g : {1839765.71, 1839765.79}) ... But only move the last digit (from 1 to 8). thanks !! regards . MR
  9. hello admin .. I have been looking at the datasheet of TM4C123GH6PM and it states that the maximum clock frequency is 80Mhz. not 120. And did not put any of the divisors. they are the same ?
  10. Thank you very much for your important answers, admin med-Simo
  11. This means that depending on the divider used, the frequency varies, has used 16 bits and the variation has gone from 28.6 hz, up to 60Mhz ... but the 120 Mhz of the maximum and the minimum of the PWM does not change ?
  12. Hello all !! I have a question about my TIVA board: What is the range of frequencies that we can get for the PWM, taking into account the possibilities of "clock division" and the "number of bits"? I ask you if in case we had to measure a resonator with the PWM as a generator (at 50% duty cycle). regards
  13. @spirilis helloo !! can you give me insteructions for read (data pins) with my Phone (NFC), how to write RF430BP with this data and read them in my phone. I'm using TM4C123GH6PM. helps please !! regardas. Insert other media
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