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    liyutao reacted to spineless in ADXL345+MSP430f5529 4-wires SPI mode, wired outputs   
    What exactly is the issue?  I see your code does a bunch of stuff.  
    1. Try just looking at your code and dont include input from the hardware.   Load the registers in software to isolate the inputs....Does that prove the rest of the code is working?
    2. Try isolating the output by only getting your inputs then displaying the register values on the monitor. 
    I am unclear as to what the issue is.  Can you break it down into 5 or 10 lines of code?
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    liyutao reacted to NurseBob in ADXL345+MSP430f5529 4-wires SPI mode, wired outputs   
    liyutao,I haven't used the SPI interface, but have found the Adafruit ADXL345-sensortest to work with the ADXL-345 + MSP430F5529 in I2C mode without problems.  Their library supports both SPI and I2C, if I remember correctly.  So, their code might be worth looking at.
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