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  1. Thank you Rei Vilo, I have tried what you have said but initially the program is not compiling due to error in SoftwareSerial.h library i have upload the file for your reference or could you suggest me how to use HardwareSerial instead of SoftwareSerial to finish this project ?
  2. I have the same problem with my Energia 16 compiler but I could not find /Energia16/packages/energia/hardware/cc3200/1.0.2/platform.txt. in my installed folder , is that a installation problem or i need to update any driver software regarding cc32OO and please provide me the link for setup file for energia to download previous version Thank you, Raja
  3. I am making an IOT based attendance system using AdafruitFingerprint sensor and CC3200 . My Fingerprint sensor library works better and using 12 and 23 serial ports for Tx and Rx but I am getting problem with my Softwareserial.h library file. I am not sure if it a bug or my mistake could anyone help me solve this issue or suggest me another way to finish this project ? I have uploaded the Library file which I was using from github.com Thank you, Raja.SoftwareSerial.cppSoftwareSerial.h
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