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  1. Hi all very confused with the MSP430FR5969 launchpads: was flashing the boards for around 10-20 times and it stops working suddenly 1 board : says unrecognized by the computer 2 boards: no led indication and the both the boards not working. Have anyone got this kinda of problem could you tell me what may be the problem ?!?!?
  2. donthi

    3 MSP430FR5969 not working

    Yes updated the driver, the problem seems to be weird for me lost 3 boards in a short time.. So wanted to see another perspective where its going wrong ! never had problems with another development boards
  3. donthi

    3 MSP430FR5969 not working

    everything installed and was working fine for around 20 times it was flashed and later puff stopped working (using CCS studio not Energia)