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  1. I am sorry as i cant post my sketch . Yes the data i am handling is large . So i need to increase the stack. When i used CCS , My program was working good when i increased the stack size. So kindly provide me the steps in increasing the stack size in energia. Any help would be great.. Thank You Andrew
  2. Thanks for pointing out. I ran my program as mentioned above and got the below results. stats Total CPU Load: 0.6 Task info: task: Idle/0x200004f8, pri: 0, stack usage: 336/1024, mode: READY load: 99.3 task: mon_loop/0x200026b8, pri: 2, stack usage: 704/2048, mode: RUNNING load: 0.1 task: loopsketch_oct04a/0x20002f38, pri: 2, stack usage: 2048/2048, mode: BLOCKED load: 0.4 Hwi stack usage: 448/1024 Heap usage: 4488/55632 I think the stack is getting overflow. If i further increase my array size, then my program does not work. I tried in CCS it was working. I guess the stac
  3. Anyother way i can see the available free memory of my program in energia (MSP432).
  4. I am using MSP432P401R in energia . I would like to see the available memory in RAM after running my program. I found a previous post related to this in http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2969-application-ram-usage/ . But i am still stuck. I am using Memory free library of arduino ( http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/AvailableMemory ) and i am getting errors like C:\DOCUME~1\James\LOCALS~1\Temp\build4403779855877337752.tmp/Flasher2.cpp:178: undefined reference to `__brkval' C:\DOCUME~1\James\LOCALS~1\Temp\build4403779855877337752.tmp/Flasher2.cpp:178: undefined reference to `__heap_star
  5. I am using MSP432P401R in energia. I need to use multiple serial ports . One to the computer and another for my bluetooth module DBM01. How can i do this . I am not able to find libraries such as SoftwareSerial in MSP432. Is there any other alternative to do it in energia.
  6. I am using TI MSP432P401R launchpad. Can i know the memory used by my program . As my program doesnt seem to print through serial port when i use arrays of considerable size. I have to reduce the size of array , Otherwise nothing is displayed in Serial port. So how can i access know the memory usage . Any other suggestions ? . Please help me in this regard. Andrew Gigie
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