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  1. Energia 1.6.10E18 using launchpad MSP430F5529. The entire sketch is rather large so I had to condense the code. During this process I noticed that a function is causing the error...but it is not even being called in the main loop. Here is the relavant code. Please note that the two functions on the bottom are NOT called. This is String serialEvent() and void stringcomplete(). The code that calls these functions have been deleted...too much code to read. I tested it and the error is persistant. I think this is a timing issue....maybe the main loop is too slow. Why would a
  2. What exactly is the issue? I see your code does a bunch of stuff. 1. Try just looking at your code and dont include input from the hardware. Load the registers in software to isolate the inputs....Does that prove the rest of the code is working? 2. Try isolating the output by only getting your inputs then displaying the register values on the monitor. I am unclear as to what the issue is. Can you break it down into 5 or 10 lines of code? Spineless
  3. I am having a perplexing problem. I am using a serial port to send commands to my code. Here is a snipet. if (Serial.available() > 0) { // read the incoming byte: inputdata = Serial.read(); // get a character from UART TX. display this text on UART RX. // if(inputdata == 49 ) //user enters the number 1 { Serial.print(" FW Version: "); //display the FW and Serial number of the devise Serial.print(FWversion); Serial.print(" Serial Number: ");
  4. I have some code I can share from the cardinfo example ( first five lines in Void setup are mine and the rest are from the example) ..... It does not compile. include <SPI.h> #include <SD.h> #include <Energia.h> #define ss P2_7 //the slave select pin // set up variables using the SD utility library functions: Sd2Card card; SdVolume volume; SdFile root; Void Setup { Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(ss, OUTPUT); //set slave select pin to output SPI.setModule(0); SPI.begin(); SPI.setClockDivider(SPI_CLOCK_DIV8); Serial.print("\nInitializing SD card
  5. Yes. I agree. The pin number and the SPI options for the launchpad and Energia are known to me. But how to impliment this in the SD_TM4C SD card module is the question. Since you describe the two SPI modules as 0 and 1that would mean the code has been written to configure these two options. Jasiek mentioned he had to add the number 2 to select the right SPI module to make his board work. Somewhere the number 2 is defined and this appeared to work for him...I have no idea how it worked or where this code is. The code calls card.init card.init(CS_PIN, SPI_HALF_SPEED, SPI_MOD
  6. This code looks very promising. However, I am having an issue initilizing the SD Card. Jasiek's write up is quite helpful and explains why the code does not work. However, I am not able to figure out how to assign the SPI port. Where did you see the SPI port definitions? I am using the MSP430F5529 so the pin out is probably not in the code anywhere. I need to find the section that describes how to call the different version of the SPI to see what the pin out to use. I will need to reassign the pin numbers so this code can work with the LSP430F5529. Any help would be awesome.
  7. i am having some issues with the example file. I want to seperate the write and read functions, but I am getting a lot of errors when I attempt to seperate them. I want to write a string of data to the file in the SD card then later read the entire file back. Can you please update your example with this functionality? Subroutines are awesome! If you could simple call a subroutine to write data and then a seperate subrountine to read it that would be great. Spineless
  8. Weird thing happened. I just changed DIR to FSDIR...as you mentioned and it compiled. I guess the library got replaced when I copied. Thanks for your help. Spineless.
  9. I am having some issues with deleting a library once it is installed. I downloaded a great little library that ended up having a small issue that need to be fixed. LiviuM was very helpful in fixing the code and I would love to try it out. The issue is I cannot delete the old version of the library. I cannot overwrite it or modify it. I am using a MAC OS X and this operating system does not have the same file system as the windows box. I tried to delete the Energia application and reload it but the library list does not change. I also attempted to delete a bunch of preferences
  10. I figured it out. I had to get a github account and do a clone of the Energia directory. I have all of the files I could every want.
  11. I am not sure how to remove the old files. I am working with MAC OS X and I do not have a file structure to look at so I cannot simply replace files. Instead I reloaded PFatFs into Energia using the Include Library --> add .ZIP tool. I do not think this worked as I am getting the same error. I tried to delete Energia and redownload it but that did not work either. i guess the settings are saved someplace else. I do not know where. Any help would be great. Spineless
  12. I have installed Energia on a MAC OSX. There is no subfolders. It only has the application Energia.app. So I cannot just change the files. I attempted to reinstall the application, thinking that the settings would be restored. But the same libraries I installed previously are still visable in Energia. How do I uninstall a library? Thanks, Spineless
  13. Ok...So how do I change these files? Where are they? How do I change them when they are compiled inside energia. How do I uninstall a library? Silly questions....but if I cannot find the files on my machine I cannot fix them. Feeling.... Spineless
  14. Ya.... I started with that code. It has its own problems. I got some help today on that post...maybe it will work now. How do I remove a library? I need to remove the SD library from ENERGIA. Then I might be able to modifiy it and create my own version of SD.
  15. OK... I installed it as a library and compiled it. The same debug dump was the result.
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