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    MTK3339 GPS

    Hi, I know this is an old thread but... I'm only using an MSP430g2553 board, MTK3339 and a 5110 display. (no logging) Are you supposed to get anything on the 5110 display before it gets a lock on? My display is blank but I can't get a lock so I'm not sure where the problem is. From looking at the code I wired the 5110 as follows: LCD_Clk - 1.5 LCD_Data - 1.7 LCD_DC - 1.6 LCD_CE - 1.4 And of course 5110's Vcc to LP's 3.3V and GND to LP's GND. similar to your 4ch Voltmeter. Also, 5110's RST pin to 47k resistor and to 0.1uF capacitor. Resistor to Vcc, capacitor to GND (RC r
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