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  1. Thanks Roadrunner! I was deliberately trying to stop the crystal working to understand what got me in trouble earlier. I think I understand everything now. I did a bit more reading, and found the part I overlooked previously in the user
  2. Roadrunner, thanks so much! You are 100% correct. Great tips. Both ports function properly after changing P2SEL = BIT0 to P2SEL |= BIT0. To understand the problem a bit more, I tried messing with BIT6 at P2DIR and P2SEL. If I write P2DIR = BIT6; and P2SEL = BIT6;, it affects P1's use of ACLK. If I do P2DIR |= BIT6; and P2SEL |= BIT6;, P1's ACLK functions properly but P2 goes low. That is different from what I expected reading the datasheet. I thought that BIT6 at P2DIR/P2SEL turns XIN off and TA0.1 output on, but apparently it doesn't affect the crystal or turn it into TA0.
  3. Hello, I was trying to setup 2 different PWM channels on my launchpad and noticed some strange behavior with timer1 using ACLK, and so I ran the following test, checking output of TA0CCR0 and TA1CCR0 on P1.1(TA0.0) and P2.0(TA1.0) with my oscilloscope. The only variables are P1SEL/P2SEL and TASSEL. Here's what I noticed: - Timer0 and timer1 both function properly with SMCLK, with different internal divider (and different CCR1s work as expected) - Timer1 cannot use ACLK at all. (output = low) - Timer0 with ACLK works properly alone. - Timer0 with ACLK doesn't work if port2 are selec
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