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  1. Thanks -- I will do some runs and show with a screen cast. But, you are saving to the desktop, this is a very magical place, and a good place to hardcode something, I wonder if you try saving in a C:\testing\Blink -- what would happen? Anyway, I will show with video -- right now, just fighting the serial system without debugging Andre'
  2. Everyone, I am new to the Energia platform. I am a professional embedded developer, so rarely use Arduino like tools, well never Unless I am trying to teach someone how to get started. That said, I have a project that I was coding in TI Code Studio for a client, then I thought on this next project, much simpler, I would use Energia, so they could actually make changes to it -- Anyway, I downloaded the Energia ZIP latest, there is no installer, so unzipped into directory. I then set it up, board selected MSP432 Launchpad, then started trying examples. Everything works perfectly. H
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