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    ChrisLast got a reaction from PA0JMG in LCD issues with BOOSTXL-EDUMKII dev board   
    Not sure about that one Jan, is it complaining because you have a mixture of 64 bit and 32 bit software installed? If in doubt use the 32-bit software to guarantee compatibility on 32 or 64 bit machines
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    ChrisLast reacted to Rei Vilo in LCD issues with BOOSTXL-EDUMKII dev board   
    The Educational BoosterPack MK-2 does work on the LaunchPad TM4C123 but there is a trick!
    You need to remove resistors R9 and R10.
    Those two 0? connect pins 23 and 24 to pins 14 and 15, the latter being used by SPI for MISO and MOSI.

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