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  1. Not sure about that one Jan, is it complaining because you have a mixture of 64 bit and 32 bit software installed? If in doubt use the 32-bit software to guarantee compatibility on 32 or 64 bit machines
  2. It should be fine Jondaddio - TI's compatibility checker https://dev.ti.com/bpchecker/ says it is fully compatible and those pins are not shorted together on MSP432
  3. Thanks Rei, I can see how connecting my Accelerometer output to the LCD MOSI might upset it
  4. I recently bought the Educational Booster pack MkII and I can get all the example sketches working apart from the LCD. I have tried all the EduBPMKII_Screen examples and even tried writing my own drivers from the datasheet (work in progress). I am using the booster pack with a Tiva C TM4C123GXL MCU and all I ever see with any sketch including the LCD sketches is the backlight on the LCD. I am beginning to doubt whether the LCD controller is working correctly. The hardware SPI on the TM4C is definitely OK as I have previously used SSI0 to interface with my Nokia 5510 LCD. I am using Ene
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