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  1. I know that Stellaris is dead already. The only reason I still own an Stellaris EK because my friend gave it to me......for free and brand new!


    I just want to fade an LED, that's all !


    And btw, are there any good tutorials for Stellaris MCUs?


    Thanks alot, to anybody that is willing to help me.

  2. Hello, I'm new to MSP430.(if I make a mistake, pls tell me!)

    I just bought a MSP430G2553 and I read that it supports BSL via RS232. I have a FT232 usb -> serial lying around.

    Could anybody give me a schematic on how to connect my G2553 to my FT232? (and also give me the software for it pls!)

    (I could instead just buy a Launchpad, but I don't have any money right now! )


    Thanks alot! :)

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