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  1. Hello- I am trying to get a toolchain setup in Linux so that I can write code directly for the BeagleBone Black. The programmer I have available is the Segger J-Link. I have gone down several routes to set up a toolchain with no success. The Linux environment is Ubuntu 16.0.4. I first started to get uVision 5 working under Wine, but it looks like uVision doesn't have a processor support package for the Sitara processors. Then I got TI's CCS working, but the latest release of CCS doesn't come with support for the J-Link (they promise it will in the very next release). I followed Segger's directions to add support to CCS studio, but the IDE gave me an error saying that some files were missing in a folder, even though I followed the directions to install those files. Segger has their own IDE, but this also doesn't have a support package for Sitara. The Segger tech support response was "The absence of support packages just requires that you provided the corresponding system initialization and memory map for your device", which is not something I've ever done. Lastly I went and got Eclipse running, but the directions provided require the use of the Flyswatter and I didn't see how to adapt it for the J-Link. Anyone have a recommendation?
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