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  1. Hello Robert, Is Energia actually supported? I even have a customer that has project that needs the C++1X . Can you please update the compiler so I can make some progress? Cheers, Boian
  2. Thank you Robert, In the last 4 years, Visuino has become very popular, and now it supports most controllers on the market, and even has partial support for Raspberry Pi. The only controllers that are not currently supported are the Energia TI controllers, and I am looking again into adding support for them. I just tested the latest Energia IDE version, and it appears that it still is missing the C++11/14 😞 . Is there a way to enable the C++11 support, so I can add prodly Energial to the growing list of boards supported by Visuino 🙂 www.visuino.com I am at present testing
  3. Hi Robert, Thank you! I downloaded the Beta, but it still does not seem to have the gnu++11 or 14 enabled. Do I need to download or configure anything else? Boian
  4. Hello everyone, I am trying to add Visuino https://www.visuino.com supportfor the TI controllers, so I downloaded Energia, and copied the Visuino libraries to the "C:\Energia\hardware\msp430\libraries" . The libraries are developed for C++14 to use the latest compiler optimizations, and simplify the code base. They work fine on all Arduino, ARM, and ESP8266 controllers as they all have the C++11/14 support enabled by default. How to enable the C++14 support in Energia? With best regards, Boian Mitov
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