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  1. I extracted Energia v17 three times and all three times Norton quarantined then removed the three mentioned files. I eventually had Norton un-quarantine the three files and chose the option to exclude these three files from future detection. Norton put the files right back to where they were originally. Don't know if this is the best thing to do. I've had no issues running Energia but don't know if I opened the door for virus issues by tweeking Norton. Note: A Norton scan of the Energia zip file and a Norton scan of the the extracted directories turned up nothing., Both scans said there we
  2. I was wondering if others have had this problem. I download and extract Energia then start to run it. Norton informs me that three of the files are malicious and removes them (DSLite.exe, FlashStellaris.dll & cc3200prog.exe). I think I can restore and exclude detection using Norton but not sure if this is the best way. Any advise?
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