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  1. Okay, hope there will be libstdc++ in some time.
  2. I have just received from ebay 5x IR Receiver Modules 38 kHz TSOP4838 and now all works fine. This header that you wrote is only for samsung RCs?
  3. Hello everyone, is there a way to use string class in energia like in any normal C++ compiler, seems like I can't include string header in energia or use any string class function.
  4. Yes I can see LED blinking on the remote controller , but nothing happens with VS1838B , nor it shows anything on the serial monitor. I remember first when I got this item , the receiver was blinking
  5. Thank you for your help, gonna try it right now , sorry for the late answer ,I've been really busy. Tried this header https://github.com/energia/Energia/blob/master/hardware/msp430/libraries/IRremote/IRremote.h The code on the link you provided was successfully uploaded to msp430 , it doesn't send any data when I press buttons on the remote controller. Maybe my receiver doesn't work , should VS1838B blink when I press a button?
  6. Hello guys, I wonder if I can use VS1838B IR Wireless remote controller for arduino http://www.ebay.com/itm/1Pc-New-Infrared-IR-Wireless-Remote-Control-Module-Kits-for-Arduino-/221892279446? Also since it's for arduino it uses <IRremote.h> header , is <IRremote.h> header included in the energia program or I have to download that header manually? My last question isn't related to the energia and I didn't know where to post it on this forum since I am new here , but I would like to know I didn't get any information about the hexadecimal values of the each key with my prod
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