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  1. Hi Rei Vilo Heres a weird one: I have copied your Galaxia folder to my sketchbook library but I get the error acllcServ.ino:18:21: fatal error: Galaxia.h: No such file or directory Am I having a blonde moment?? UPDATE: I moved the libraries out of the src folder and into the galaxia folder and got it to see the Galaxia.h BUT Theres an error now with the timer.h definitions clashing with the MSP430 timer.h I assume??
  2. Hi Guys I installed Energia on my PC and it is running fine. BUT now I install on my brothers pc and i get this message when trying to run any of the example sketches. He is using a win7 4 bit pc. Energia: 1.6.10E18 (Windows 7), Board: "CC3200-LAUNCHXL (80MHz)" Build options changed, rebuilding all <command-line>:0:15: warning: ISO C++11 requires whitespace after the macro name In file included from c:\users\owner\appdata\local\energia15\packages\energia\tools\arm-none-eabi-gcc\6.3.1-20170620\arm-none-eabi\include\string.h:10:0, from C:\Us
  3. HI Guys Can anyone tell me if the MT boards has been released for the CC3200? I want to try some multitasking sketches. Regards Paul
  4. Oh Wonderful thanks Rei Vilo! Much appreciated!
  5. Hi Guys Your drawing/jpeg link on page http://energia.nu/pin-maps/guide_cc3200launchpad/ is broken. can someone pls point out the pin numbering for the cc3200 launchpad for me with regards to digitalRead() ? I found this diagram in the cc3200 hardware document. Would one then just use digitalRead(57) for pin P3-3? Secondly, does anyone know what registers to read if you want to read all the bits at once? For example in the arduino you could just read PORTD ? What are the registers for the cc3200 on the launchpad? Many thanks Paul
  6. HI Guys, I got it to work by formatting the device with UNIFLASH! Regds Paul
  7. Hi Guys I have a CC3200 Launchpad. I have loaded the sketch : APwatchhConnectDisconnect However, when my sketch gets to the LocalIP() loop. It simply hangs up??? Anyone know whats wrong?? Here is the code that hangs,,,, WiFi.beginNetwork(wifi_name, wifi_password); Serial.println("OK"); //<---- this prints while (WiFi.localIP() == INADDR_NONE) //<-----it hangs here { // print dots while we wait for the AP config to complete Serial.print('.'); delay(300); } PLease can anyone help?? Regds Paul
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