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  1. main thing is i want to generate the pulse after 200 input pulses. but i am not getting it. help me please. the warning i fixed it but then also i am not getting the desired result. help me!!
  2. yup i am getting the warnings So, basically i have to generate the output pulse on the pin2.0, pin2.1 and pin 2.2 of the msp430g2553 launchpad. pin1.0 is the input So, at first when i touch the input pin1.0 with the oscilloscope probe; my output won't generate. but after 200 input pulses my output will generate on the pins 2.0/2.1/2.2 it means after passing of 200 input pulses, the output will generate. the above code i pasted here is giving me the input and output both. but the pulses i am getting is the train of pulses and i want just only oune pulse.
  3. I tried but couldn't find the solution. i am not getting the output as i want. After 200 counts the output will be one pulse not the train of pulse. i checked everything how to get one pulse output, but no success. can you help me how to have the output one not train?
  4. Hello, I have made the program in which i used timer to generate the pulse. but now i don't want to use timer instead i want to use counter. I have to generate the output pulse when my input counter is more than 200. if it is less than 200, don't want to generate the pulse. I am pasting here my code, help me to generate the output pulse when input pulse is more than 200 input is in pin1.0 and output is from pin 2.0, pin 2.1, pin 2.2. I am using msp430g2553 launchpad #include "msp430G2553.h" #include "stdint.h" volatile uint16_t down_counter; // Variab
  5. Hello, I am making my program using msp430g2553 launch pad. In this i have taken input from P2.4 and i want my output from P2.0, P2.1 and P2.2. In this program i have to generate the pulse of 500ms from input. and my output will be three low pulses from the three pins. Meaning whenever i connect my oscilloscope probe to 2.4 i can see the pulse. But the program i made it didn't work. when i connect to the oscilloscope it is showing nothing. when my input pulse is high i will get the three low pulses output. here is my code, please check it and tell me what is wrong in the code? since it do
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