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  1. Hi Ken,


    We also have made a website with hardware examples using noForth.


    You can find it here:https://noforth.bitbucket.io/site/egel for launchpad.html


    It contains chapters from "simple" I/O to small applications.

    There is a section on timer interrupts, low power modes, SPI, I2C (with a solid working I2C-slave) and more.


    In each chapter we mention the documents and page where the code is based on.

    We give links to background information, components and ready to use modules.


    We tried to make it easier to understand and adapt the examples for your own purpose.


    Kind regards,

    Willem Ouwerkerk.


  2. Hi all on the 43oh forum community,


    I am Willem Ouwerkerk gving you greetings from the city from 'A bridge to far'.

    It is nice to get access here after quite a while, because my other email address is on a spam list here :(


    I program in Forth and especially noForth: http://home.hccnet.nl/anij/nof/noforth.html


    There is a website with a lot of documented examples too: http://noforth.bitbucket.org/site/egel%20for%20launchpad.html


    Hope it is of any help to this community.


    Kind regards,

    Willem ouwerkerk.

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