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  1. Thank you for the reply. I was concerned that I might damage the MSP430. Flatbits
  2. I want to measure the frequancy of a IR beam interrupted by a spinning fan blade. I am usieing an MSP430G2553 Here is a link to the sensor circuit. http://www.dickbrom.com/circuits/dark.jpg The voltage across the Red Led varies from 1.0 volts to 2.0 volts depending on the beam being interrupted or not. Can I connect the emitter of the 2n2222 directly to an analog input pin and the battery minus to the launchpad ground pin? There are a few Energia programs that show hot to compute the frequency. Thanks
  3. I am a new user to the TI 4305529 launchpad and I'm using Energia. I am trying to compose a program to determine the frequency of a cyclic signal. The signal will be generated by one of several methods 1 a magnet passing close to a pickup coil 2 a magnet passing close to a Hall Effect detector 3 an interrupted light beam I'm not yet sure which one yet What I need to know is the requirements on the input signal, Voltage levels wave forms , Square wave, Sinusoidal, output impedance of signal generator, etc, etc. Now I know this is a large question . I am looking for
  4. I installed Energia on a Windows 10 computer. I was careful to upload the Energia drivers . Compiling Sketches went fast and easy, but uploading the compiled program did not work well. I got a lot of failures when I tried to upload. Maybe about one out of five uploads worked I repeated all the above on a different Windows 10 computer and got the same results. Finally I installed Enegia on a Windows 7 computer and everything worked perfect. The two Windows 10 computers were both Windows 7 and I used the Microsoft free upgrade package to install windows 10 Can anyone comm
  5. In Energia you can view serial output (tools/serial monitor) or you can press ctl +shft+ M . . A window opens andthe srial output is displayed. I took the Energisa Sample Blink program and added this statement inside the loop. Serial.print("\nLooping "); It worked as expected , It blinked and when I pressed Ctrl+Shift+M the serial monitor opened and the work Looping was displayed over and over Does anyone know if intel CCS Cloud supports this feature? If yes, how do I do it. ?
  6. I am using a msp430g2553 on a TI launchpad. First question. I have composed and uploaded a few programs using Energia. Is there any way of determining what is presently uploaded. Is there some way or partitioning the chip like i can do on a Windows hard drive ? Not sure if this is possible or has any practical use. I am just curious. Thanks
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