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  1. I've got the Nokia 5110 LCD working with the MSP-EXP430G2 Launchpad using the Energia code by Rei Vilo in the link in his #9 post above. Thanks to Rei for this. (I'll try putting the link here too.)


    I've also got the Nokia 5110 working with the TivaC TM4C123GXL Lauchpad using a modification of Rei's code by Clarence Ho (See the series of questions and answers by which Clarence helped me to get the code working on here. (As you can see, I had no idea what I was doing originally - I'd never used C++ before, and not much in C)


    I then added a series of graphics commands to this code, some modified from libraries meant for Arduinos, and these work well on the TivaC. See this Youtube video and the notes beneath it for details. The code can be downloaded from here. It includes two variations on a simple Pacman style game using the graphics commands.


    I tried to get the graphics commands working on the MSP-EXP430G2 Launchpad, but it runs out of memory even when adding only one or two of those commands. If I remember rightly, adding one call to print a graphic takes the memory use from around 5k to going over the memory limit by 30 bytes! I tried everything to get this 30 bytes down, but there was either plenty of room or over-limit, and nothing in between. (I have a suspicion that Energia reports over memory problems JUST as it goes over memory; i.e. the 30 bytes isn't the real total if ALL the graphics commands had been loaded. Is that true?)


    Has anyone posted hints for getting the best from the memory available in the MSP-EXP430G2, i.e. things to avoid that take up a lot of memory?


    (Thanks to Rei for his contributions. I hadn't really understood how much of the code was due to Rei when I added comments to the LCD_5110_SPI library, so I may have indicated that functions were written by Clarence Ho which were really by Rei - I'll try to go back to change this.)

  2. I was trying to get the Tiva Launchpad TM4C123 working with the Nokia 5110 using Energia. Eventually I came across this page: http://www.clarenceho.net/2015/08/tm4c123-with-dht11-sensor.html
    You can follow the series of questions and answers through which Clarence Ho helped me get the combination working.
    You can see that he used a library originally by Rei Vilo, modified to add a contrast command. You can see also that Clarence has now added the jump-wire connections which are needed to link the Launchpad and LCD, near the top of the page.

    I then investigated graphics, and added Graphics commands to Rei Vilo's library - some were adapted from libraries designed to interface the 5110 to Arduinos. (I've quoted all sources in the file itself)

    You can see the result on this Youtube page:  https://youtu.be/wCwyDiEfO_c

    As you can see, also included is a simple Pacman-style game using the Graphics commands. You may want to jump over the part showing Pacman game, if you want to try it yourself first.


    I've also now added another Pacman-style game - but generated randomly. There's a choice of ten sets of games (A-J), each with a potentially infinite number of levels. Note that although the games are generated randomly, the starting point for the random number generator used in each set of games is the same. So, GamesA for instance always has exactly the same levels.

    The Library and games can be downloaded from:


    ... and of course, the Energia code is easy to edit, so you can adapt the programmes for your own needs.

    I hope they are of some use to those who arrive at this page looking for help with connecting the Nokia 5110 to the Tiva Launchpad TM4C123.

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