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  1. Hi,


        TI has a new launchpad MSP430FR5994 LaunchPad Development Kit  based on the MSP430FR5994.


    The new controller is in "Preview" status , but looks interesting -- 256KB FRAM + 8KB RAM + a Low-Energy Accelerator for Vector Math Operations ( TI claims 35x Faster Than ARM Cortex-M0+ Core for 256-Point Complex FFT ).


    Check the app note Benchmarking the Signal Processing Capabilities of the Low-Energy Accelerator (Rev. A)  for details.


        The launchpad itself is interesting as it has an on-board micro SD card and super capacitor. Has any one got hands on experience with this one? I was thinking of getting one for a data-logging application,  256KB FRAM + SD card  combo is very much tempting. 


       Would like to hear from you guys , has TI finally going in the right direction,  as far as MSP430 is concerned, with the LEA in the fight against ARM?

  2. Hi All,


        My name is Binish and I've been a long time lurker here, decided to join finally. This forum has been doing a stellar job and kudos to the people behind it. I am generally a hardware guy occasionally doing software as required by the projects,  main interest areas being power electronics and control. I've been using MSP430 ( various parts ) from 2001 and has found them to be excellent.


         Looking forward to be a part of the wonderful community around MSP430 and 43oh in particular :).

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