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  1. Hi @Mention, Thanks for your reply. I will try and update here. Until now I haven't had the problem since. Maybe after I restart laptop later.
  2. Hi All, This is my first post on the forum so apologize of any mistakes. So, yesterday I bought Redbearlab CC3200 Wifi Mini from Amazon. The out-of-box test successfully executed with the LED toggling on/off based on the button pressed on 192.168.11. But when I tried to upload the program using Energia, it was failed. Here is the message from Energia which I copy and paste it directly. Ubable to find RedBearLabs board: 1 Using HID to reset for RedBearLab board Opening \\.\COM40 Triggering bootloader.... Getting storage list Bootloader Version: 4 Silicon version ES1.32 or higher Bootloader version is 2, 1, 4, 0 It's a CC3200 device: PG1.33 or higher Switch UART pinmux to APPS Switch to NWP bootloader complete Load common boot command for PG1.33 or higher Bootloader version is 2, 0, 4, 0 BlockSize is 4096, number of blocks is 16 erasing 13 blocks starting from 0 I am using Eenergia-0101E0017. I have followed the "getting startup guide" from Energia, pay attention closely to the driver and check the COM port (mine is COM40), also have updated MK20 firmware. But still, those error occured. And this wasn't the end of story.... After that, I put my laptop to sleep, went to office, turned on my laptop, and I used the same USB port to charge my android phone. 8 hours later, I put my laptop back to sleep, went to home and then I turned back on my laptop.This time, I tried again to upload my Wifi Mini using Energia, and boom, Done flashing successfully. So until now, if I have a problem "failed to upload" using Energia, I repeat those steps: 1. make my laptop sleep. 2. wake up my laptop, connect android phone to the USB port. 3. make my laptop sleep again. 4. disconnect my android phone from USB port. 5. wake up my laptop. 6. connect wifi mini to USB port, open Energia and start flashing. Done. So, anyone have the explanation about this? Thank you.
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