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  1. I do agree - that's unfortunate. And answering your question - I don't know what I would do. Probably - nothing. Sorry that I can't suggest anything more constructive. It simply didn't happen to me. Regards
  2. OpalApps

    MSP432 serial receive address bit

    Hello, Neither examples (Arduino) nor libraries mention 9 data bit transfer. Looks like "Bit banging" could be a solution here. Regards
  3. Exactly - you simply can't stop these people, like you can't stop those who will thank/regard you for your effort (in one way or the other).
  4. And if you teach others who then claim the knowledge/skills gained to be their own? I do that all the time utilizing what my professors used to say back in university. I simply don't mention my teachers, including in a form of code. I don't steal my teachers' code - that's true, but I don't mention their names like they probably didn't mention names of their mentors while teaching us. So, the obvious solution would be to charge a reasonable fee right a way or forget about what you have shared. This problem is open for me as well. I also don't fill like charging for every "Hello World" but I too realize that my time is a limited and valuable resource, and balance my efforts accordingly. In any case - thanks for sharing your opinion. Regards
  5. Hello, my two cents here: I do agree with @@yyrkoon - you just conform with HTTP protocol and you are both browser and platform independent. Python, Nodejs - does not really meter. As for: I think a good installer should fix that (if we are talking a commercial-scale/quality deployment process/experience). I have been using "Inno Setup" for rather exotic stuff to deploy (only on Windows-based machines only, though). It worked like charm. Cross-platform installer generators are around too, as far as I know. Regards
  6. Hello Friends, Here is how I see it (someone who has not shared much at all, so please take my views on this meter only half-seriously). There are two tricky points for me here. 1. If the code has been shared with some good intention (helping others, to support fellow hobbyist(s), ... ) - the mission was accomplished at the moment the code has been shared. What happens to it afterwards is (should be) irrelevant, if it was the only intention. But if I share my code claiming a good intention but trying to exclusively protect it and benefit from my name being attached to that code - it is something different. The real purpose of that sharing was in fact profit (monetary or not). And here we are entering a commercial realm, if I may say so. Efforts for the profit. And of course the rules and means in this realm are more tough (if any at all). 2. Somehow, nobody mentions the fact that by sharing the code we are "eating out" the demand in certain market. This is the same demand that companies would cover if not for us giving away what they could potentially sell (now or in future). 3. If the code in question is so valuable - why not starting a company around it and make a product? If it is not valuable - why bother protecting it, anyway? I am not protecting companies, especially these "borrowing" someones work. I am simply trying to understand the motivation of the "other side" It would be interesting to know your opinion on these points. Regards
  7. OpalApps

    Possible copy-paste mistake

    Hello, Was it intentional that the "Description" sections for http://energia.nu/Serial_ReadBytesUntil.html and http://energia.nu/Serial_SetTimeout.html are the same? Or was it a copy-paste typo? I am not sure if this topic belongs here, though. Sorry if it is not. Regards