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  1. I do agree - that's unfortunate. And answering your question - I don't know what I would do. Probably - nothing. Sorry that I can't suggest anything more constructive. It simply didn't happen to me. Regards
  2. Hello, Neither examples (Arduino) nor libraries mention 9 data bit transfer. Looks like "Bit banging" could be a solution here. Regards
  3. Exactly - you simply can't stop these people, like you can't stop those who will thank/regard you for your effort (in one way or the other).
  4. And if you teach others who then claim the knowledge/skills gained to be their own? I do that all the time utilizing what my professors used to say back in university. I simply don't mention my teachers, including in a form of code. I don't steal my teachers' code - that's true, but I don't mention their names like they probably didn't mention names of their mentors while teaching us. So, the obvious solution would be to charge a reasonable fee right a way or forget about what you have shared. This problem is open for me as well. I also don't fill like charging for every "Hello World"
  5. Hello, my two cents here: I do agree with @@yyrkoon - you just conform with HTTP protocol and you are both browser and platform independent. Python, Nodejs - does not really meter. As for: I think a good installer should fix that (if we are talking a commercial-scale/quality deployment process/experience). I have been using "Inno Setup" for rather exotic stuff to deploy (only on Windows-based machines only, though). It worked like charm. Cross-platform installer generators are around too, as far as I know. Regards
  6. Hello Friends, Here is how I see it (someone who has not shared much at all, so please take my views on this meter only half-seriously). There are two tricky points for me here. 1. If the code has been shared with some good intention (helping others, to support fellow hobbyist(s), ... ) - the mission was accomplished at the moment the code has been shared. What happens to it afterwards is (should be) irrelevant, if it was the only intention. But if I share my code claiming a good intention but trying to exclusively protect it and benefit from my name being attached to that code - i
  7. Hello, Was it intentional that the "Description" sections for http://energia.nu/Serial_ReadBytesUntil.html and http://energia.nu/Serial_SetTimeout.html are the same? Or was it a copy-paste typo? I am not sure if this topic belongs here, though. Sorry if it is not. Regards
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