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  1. I tried to change the settings used by UART for Serial or Serial1 on an MSP432 (stopbits, parity etc.). After hours of detective work I now guess the settings are applied by some code of the wiring framework in the emt432 framework. There is much code, but almost nothing of it is used, as most of wiring and the TI runtime seems to be precompiled to binary libraries like the wiring_msp432.m4fg.lib file. There are no Makefiles, nor any references how those binaries are built as far as I can see. So how to fiddle with anything below the Energia provided API? Do I now need external
  2. The recovery as described in http://www.aglaglobal.com/content/recover-broken-fet-msp430f5529-launchpad-after-ccs-crashes-during-firmware-update works, as does the update by command line. So I guess it is an Energia problem.
  3. I am using energia on Linux with several different LaunchPad models. For most of them, Energia forces an update of the FET programmer firmware. If started by the corresponding menu option, the update will take place to some high percentage but then fail, leaving the board in a bricked state. This happens for almost any LaunchPad that needed the update. I think Energia should be more cautionous, maybe exit the update if something would'nt work out, but don't brick boards in general.
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