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  1. Hi, I'm working with a MSP and an external ADC and I'm wondering, what's the frequency void loop() happens? I mean, I must use a low pass filter for the signal I'm working with, but the only frequency I know is the delay(10) frequency, I don't know the void loop frequency. Can somebody help me? Thank you all in advance.
  2. Hello all, I've been able to get the chatserver example to work. I did some modifications on it and I'm now printing data from adc when client connects. I was wondering if I can save the data from the adc in a file using a telnet command. I mean, as soon as the adc starts reading I'd like to send some kind of telnet or whatever command to save this into a file. I read about some telnet commands like: "telnet ip -f file_location" or even "telnet ip port >> file_location", but I don't know how to implement this at the end of the adc conversion. I mean, can I just do: client.write(
  3. Hello, I found out that the IP address I use for the example is the IP for the TIVA. An ADM can close the topic if needed. Thanks.
  4. Hello everybody, I just bought the TIVA TM4C1294XL because of its functionalities, however, I tried to connect my TIVA to a router (with DHCP enable), and my PC to the same router. Then I used a IP Scan software trying to find the TIVA's IP Address, but I couldn't. How do I set up a IP for TIVA? Or how to I search for the TIVA's IP Address? Thank you.
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