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  1. ariesdenmark

    Cant connect to MSP430 from MAC

    Fixed, thanks.
  2. ariesdenmark

    Cant connect to MSP430 from MAC

    Oh I hope someone can help me out of this headache. I run the msp430g2452 from my MAC (Yosemite), Ran fine after installing drives and all. Now suddenly the "Serial Port" has gone grey and I try to re install, reboot, re everything. No way I can connect again. I was playing with digital out and also in. Seemed like it was when I was trying to read the switch on pin5 that things went bad for me. I know many have had problems on a mac and I have looked intense on this Forum and other on the net. Now I try this. I hope someone can help. Greetings from Brazil and thanks any help. Peter
  3. ariesdenmark

    New Energia release 0101E0017 - 12/09/2015

    Hi elewis575. Seems to me you dont get any answer to your question. So I have one for you . . . I am also new to this stuff here. I use a Mac and I have this problem that I had to install an old version of java in order to run energia at all. But then it works. The problem now is that many other things complain that my java is old. I see your java is updated. Any idea for me? Regards from Brazil, Peter