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  1. Hi to all, first of all thank you very much for all the comprehensive feedback. I appreciate it a lot. As Chicken mentioned, this BoosterPack is not supposed to be used as a regular MP3 player. It's more like a general audio development platform which supported a buch of codecs. For those who are interested to work with audio it can do pretty much everything from simple playback/recording, GUI design to complex signal processing and digital filter design. The idea came up when I build a Christmas pyramid controller for my dad last year (see here if interested: https://drive.google.
  2. Hi to all out there, I've started development on the Tiva TM4C platform using the very nice LaunchPad two years ago. Since then I had so much fun to create cool applications and even complete systems based on that awesome low cost Ecosystem . During my projects I realized that there is not really a BoosterPack that turns the LaunchPad into a modern audio player/recorder. Because of that I've started to develop a BoosterPack named BoostMP3 that will enable any LaunchPad to work as a cool multipurpose audio device. For that I've created the following little lading website that gives a short
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