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  1. Hi to all, first of all thank you very much for all the comprehensive feedback. I appreciate it a lot. As Chicken mentioned, this BoosterPack is not supposed to be used as a regular MP3 player. It's more like a general audio development platform which supported a buch of codecs. For those who are interested to work with audio it can do pretty much everything from simple playback/recording, GUI design to complex signal processing and digital filter design. The idea came up when I build a Christmas pyramid controller for my dad last year (see here if interested: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3L-6crPL7EkQ3lVSEd6cFpLaTQ/view?usp=sharing). I've created a really nice software package incl. a GUI for the optional display to explore all available functions. I do realize that the price is a bit high compared to the board found under the links Chicked posted above. I just don't understand how they can sell it which such a low price. The Codec IC is pretty expansive and will still cost $10 in mid qualities (500+) and $15 in low qualities. Adding all the remaining components, PCB and assembly cost the price gets up pretty fast. The only explanation would be they make huge qualities. Anyway, Yet I made only one prototype board which runs smoothly and delivers crystal clear audio quality. Given the feedback above I don't think it makes sense to produce and sell them. I just can't compete with the price. Again, thanks a million for all the nice suggestions.
  2. Hi to all out there, I've started development on the Tiva TM4C platform using the very nice LaunchPad two years ago. Since then I had so much fun to create cool applications and even complete systems based on that awesome low cost Ecosystem . During my projects I realized that there is not really a BoosterPack that turns the LaunchPad into a modern audio player/recorder. Because of that I've started to develop a BoosterPack named BoostMP3 that will enable any LaunchPad to work as a cool multipurpose audio device. For that I've created the following little lading website that gives a short introduction on that. http://labvenue.jimdo.com/ Since I'm not so good in Sales or advertisement I was thinking that the best way to get any kind of feedback would be to ask all you people out there. Is there any kind of interest to buy this? Is the offered functionality ok or would you like to have more or less? What do you think about the price?? I would appreciate any kind of feedback! Thanks a million!