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  1. Sorry, you are correct, the blink sketch DOES work. Thanks. (I don't know why I chased down this rabbit hole, I was thrashing in updating the firmware or uploading.) Why would Energia be using the WDT? Also, I recall code to enable interrupts in the body of delay(), but not code to disable them. I need to read it more carefully.
  2. Never mind: I was wrong, Blink does work out of the box, see the answers below. Blink sketch doesn't work out of the box. I substitute __delay_cycles(10000000) and it works (led blinks.) I also coded it in C and it works. I am thinking there is a bug in the delay() function. In the code below, if I comment out the call to delay(), the green led blinks. If the call to delay() is in the code, the led does not blink. I presume delay() never returns or otherwise gets lost. Even if the parameter is 1. I have not used mspdebug and gdb to debug it, since mspdebug complains it can't f
  3. I want a temporary connection to my target board, to program it using SBW. I don't want to populate the target board with a connector. I previously used a row of plated through holes and just manually held a row of pin headers jammed at an angle into the holes. Is there a better solution? Something that clamps or is spring loaded to the board/pads? A female edge connector? A female USB connector? An RJ-45 ethernet connector? I'm using the EZ430-2013 USB launchpad. I only need four wires. It takes a few tens of seconds to flash the target. The production volume is low (say tens
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