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  1. @@froggy


      This is vidisha and my aim is also same to program TM4C129EXL which has TM4C129ENCPDT using Ethernet Flash based bootloader.

    Your's is Flash based bootloader or Rom based?

    For Flash based i used code of DK-TM4C129EX i.e boot_emac_flash and could program it also but during uploading of any application code it shows me "attempting to connect"

    I used your code and it worked for me but only once , i mean i can't upload the application code for second time. 

    why so?

    Plz if u have code for Flash based ethernet bootloader and it's demo code plzzz share with me..i need it urgently.




  2. Hello everyone,


                     I want to program TM4C129EXL which has TM4C129ENCPDT MCU usinng ethernet . As i couldn't find the ethernet bootloader code for my device so, i tried with DK-TM4C129X which has TM4C129XNCZAD MCU i.e DK-TM4C129X-\examples\boards\dk-tm4c129x\boot_emac_flash using LM Flash programmer. I could successfully burn the bootloader code then when i try to burn any application code it shows me "attempting to connect" for long time which means something is not working. I dont know what modifications has to be done with Application code in order to make it work with TM4C129ENCPDT.

    I want to ask does anyone has the working Ethernet Bootloader i.e Flash based bootloader and it's application code for TM4C129ENCPDT.

    I request to share code with me coz i dont hav much time plz  :(




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