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  1. file libraries what is this?
  2. I would like to do something podobnego.Tylko without wy?wietlacza.Chcia?bym control the device through the Wi FI THROUGH applications mobilnej.Czy it possible to write such a program? Is convenient to already mount two displays Led? To the current temperature and the set? I'd like to do something similar to chefsteps joule This is how to do it on the PCB? I need to write program in Arduino module wi fi? I write it to him by the programmer microcontroller wi fi? How to do a similar project to Chefsteps Joule?
  3. Is it done on finished modules? File sousvide.zip what is it? File libraries.zip what is it? Is for each module eg. For module WI FI must be a separate program? I need to upload using a the programmer? How is the control of the thermostat? It is some sort of special application WI FI? Is the end plate PCBA these pins are on WI FI module or on the LCD display? Please contact TI Trey mail
  4. You can tell me what is each of these files , which provided TI_Trey ?
  5. I do not know English well. As for programming, it could someone help me? I want to create a circulator with these parameters: -Support 1 heater 230-250V 1000W and 1 water pump 4W 220-250V. -Supply Voltage 230V -adjustable temperature in the range of 1 * C to 90 * C, only the heating mode -Small hysteresis 0.1 * C, very accurate -timer integrated with a heating element - Waterproof probe with detachable - a fuse thermostat Socket for a coil (at the appropriate cables) might be one on the heater, pump and power. The thermostat has a switch on the water pump and heater if the temp
  6. Could you make a video or pictures of how your sous vide equipment
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