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  1. That is not a problem. I am just modifying the baud rate, when I'm testing it on PC i'm using 9600 (because launchpad is limited at 9600) and when I'm testing it on the full schematic I am using 57600.
  2. Yes I do have. Also I managed to solve the problem by not using the TX interrupt. I will attach the old working code and the new one (without the interrupt). I am still curious to find out what was the problem. new code.c old working code.c
  3. Hello, I am writing a program to use LoRa RN2483 with MSP430G2553 sending to LoRa the readings from some sensors. First I had a temperature sensor DS18B20 (digital reading), the internal temperature from MSP, the internal supply voltage from MSP and the code worked great, the readings we're good and were succesfully sent to LoRa using UART. Now I am trying to add a humidity sensor on P1.4 and a photoresistor on P1.5 ( using a 10k resistor like this: Vcc --- photoresistor -- P1.5 --- 10k resistor --- GND). These sensors are analogue so that I need 2 ADC to read them. I made something li
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