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  1. Hi guys , I use tm4c1294 and ,i connected 5110 lcd to my launchpad but i can not send the required data to lcd ? do you have any library for 5110 lcd which is compatible with tm4c1294 in energia ?

    Hi , i connected 5110 lcd to my launchpad but i can not send the required data to lcd ? can u help please

  2. @wayfarerbasta@Rei Vilo hey guys, I have tried the same library but even i comment all the lines Rei said the compiler gives the same error ? and shouldnt i add some codes to introduces my MCU like: 


    #elif defined(__TM4C1294NCPDT__)
    LCD_5110_SPI myScreen(PQ_1,    // Chip Select
                         PQ_2,    // Data/Command
                         PK_7,    // Reset
                         PK_6,    // Backlight
                         USR_SW1);   // Push Button 2  

    I try to make a TCP connection between EK-TM4C1294XL and Labview.

    The microcontroller is the client, and in Labview  there is a server.

    I use Energia's standard functions (like client.connect())., and success to make connection with Hercules.

    I also success to make connection between Hercules and Labview.

    But I don't success to make the final connection - microcontroller to Labview.

    there is a difference between the Energia's functions and the standard?


    where did you download the package for ur mcu to connect labview?

  4. @@Fmilburn,


    Thank you for ur great help. Now it compiled with no error, guess just i need to adapt arduino library for my tiva lpad.


    By the way I came accross  one of ur post (the link is below) which says energia doesnt support Tiva series for multitasking. If that still continue, then I cant set my project which is measuring the room temperatre with adafruit and send it to the nokia 5110 lcd screen ?


    link: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/9373-energia-tm4c1294-multitasking/?p=71020

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