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  1. Hey all thanks for the replies! Sorry about the delayed response, its the end of the semester for me so things are getting hectic. After reading that others had more success than me using the library I went back and tried loading up the TX/RX examples again and they compiled and downloaded just fine. I'm not sure what I was doing before that caused an error. Now my question is what would be the best way to send a string of letters and numbers using the library? I see from the example and in the library that you can send an unsigned 8-bit integer using the w_tx_payload() function so
  2. Hello all! I am currently working on a project that uses two NRF24L01 modules to communicate between two MSP430G2553 chips. The goal is to send a 14 character string of numbers and letters between the two devices. I have been trying to get code working with Code Composer Studio for a few weeks now, but have had no success at all. I found several posts on this forum from others who have tried similar things and this post in particular, http://forum.43oh.com/topic/2050-nrf24l01-registerscommands-and-functionswork-in-progress/page-2 with a link to a library created by Spirilis, however I
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