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    cooldoubtless reacted to Rickta59 in Please Help Serial Port Issue   
    The g2452 has to use a software only uart implementation the pins shouldn't go the other way
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    cooldoubtless reacted to Rickta59 in Please Help Serial Port Issue   
    You are right @@cooldoubtless, it is broken.
    It looks like some recent ( or at least since the last time I looked .. which was years ) checkin into the source code has broken the TimerSerial code. The msp430g2231 and msp430g2452 use TimerSerial as Serial because they lack a uart. This requires that the pins used are the one from the timer_a. The TimerSerial code also needs to work with the 1.4 launchpad boards as they had no simple way to change the rx and tx assignments.
    The change below is what I did to make it work for only the msp430g2452 and msp430g2231:
    $ git diff diff --git a/hardware/msp430/variants/launchpad/pins_energia.h b/hardware/msp430/vari index 04b8574..13bf887 100644 --- a/hardware/msp430/variants/launchpad/pins_energia.h +++ b/hardware/msp430/variants/launchpad/pins_energia.h @@ -44,8 +44,13 @@ static const uint8_t TWISCL1 = 9; /* P2.1 SW I2C */ static const uint8_t TWISDA1 = 10; /* P2.2 SW I2C */ static const uint8_t TWISDA0 = 15; /* P1.7 */ static const uint8_t TWISCL0 = 14; /* P1.6 */ +#if 0 static const uint8_t DEBUG_UARTRXD = 3; /* Receive Data (RXD) at P1.1 */ static const uint8_t DEBUG_UARTTXD = 4; /* Transmit Data (TXD) at P1.2 */ +#else +static const uint8_t DEBUG_UARTRXD = 4; /* Receive  Data (RXD) at P1.2 */ +static const uint8_t DEBUG_UARTTXD = 3; /* Transmit Data (TXD) at P1.1*/ +#endif #define TWISDA1_SET_MODE (INPUT) #define TWISCL1_SET_MODE (INPUT) #if defined(__MSP430_HAS_USCI__)   You can see I switched the pin numbers. For the msp430g2452, the TX pin is 3 (P1.1) and the RX pin is 4 (P1.2). My change above will break support for all the USCI based UART versions.  
    The Energia code really should be checking which type of UART is being used and flip the pin numbers.  You might want to file a bug on the Energia github issues page and complain. @@energia
    Edit: .. never mind I filed one for you: https://github.com/energia/Energia/issues/874
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    cooldoubtless reacted to Rickta59 in Please Help Serial Port Issue   
    If you really want to do serial coding you should pick a different launchpad. The g2 launchpad board is probably the worst of the bunch. The launchpad serial port is limited to 9600 baud, even though the chips themselves can go higher.
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    cooldoubtless got a reaction from tripwire in Please Help Serial Port Issue   
    Hey, I used CCS for my MSP430G2452 Launch Pad. But i completely removed it and i use now Energia. I installed driver too. My os is windows 10 and the jumpers are as the image i attach below. I see nothing when i write even a basic write function. My boundrate 9600. In the Tool menu of the Energia i choose my board but it doesnt give me chance to change the com port. Its com port is COM2. My pc has 2 usb 3.0 ports and 1 usb 2.0 port and use usb 2.0 for board. Please help.

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