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  1. Hi, I have been trying to enable the System_printf command to actually display something on the console. In order to do that i need to add this to the .cfg file: var System = xdc.useModule('xdc.runtime.System'); var SysStd = xdc.useModule('xdc.runtime.SysStd'); System.SupportProxy = SysStd; But I can't find the configuration file anywhere! I found the energia.cfg in the Energia EMT repository but could not find it in the installed Energia files. And from This topic I understand that I should recompile the TI-RTOS library. Is there any instruction to do that? Or maybe better, i
  2. I don't have any use cases in mind, but I had the following mental model: Hardware interrupt handled in a HWI whose role is to simply trigger a SWI that then handles whatever need to be done to handle the interrupt. But if it's a good practice to bypass the SWI, I'm fine with it
  3. Thanks a lot for this library, it simplifies everything ! Just a small interrogation I did not get the implication of this comment: I could not find the rationale behind that (as well as any clue about when the SWI removal in Energia's github). Does that means that I should also stop using SWIs in my code using Energia?
  4. Hi, I've been embarked for a couple of month now on the MSP adventure. I am a full time big data, large cluster data scientist that code embedded stuff for relaxing
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