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  1. Update...I got it working.  The library really is pretty great.  I am going to attempt to add some of the LPM modes and change the radio setting tomorrow.  Also, I might try to get the receiver to be continually on, and always waiting for a message to be received.  the LPM can be woken up in an ISR.


    Wish me luck! and thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

  2. Thanks for the reply BRey.  I really like the AIR library.  It is incredibly complete, and in the future extra buttons might be added to the key fob.  The library would make it really easy to change the communication power and type if I would need it later. 


    I have never used a library like this.  It doesn't seem like it will necessarily work with the MSP430 launch pad?  Am I Missing something?  There is some Energia.h files and other files that don't seem like they will match with the Launchpad.


    Do I have to use an Energia sketch to use this library.  I have been trying with a CCS project?

  3. Hi, I am new to the forum, and hope I am doing this right.  If this question is in the wrong spot please let me know. 


    I have two MSP430G2 launchpads and a CC110L AIR module booster pack.  My goal is to make a simple pushbutton toggle setup.  (ie push the button on one board, and toggle a GPIO on the other board.)  Eventually, I plan to turn this into a key fob with custom PCBs.  Low power consumption would be really good too.  I thought this would be a relatively easy project, but I am stuck.  I can't get the boards to communicate at all. 


    I got the settings by choosing from the SMARTRF studio.  I planned to use an MSP430g2553 with USCI through the UCB0 interface as the SPI communication.  However, I keep getting hang-ups in different parts of the code, with some TXFIFO_UNDERFLOWS sometimes, and other times just a hang-up.  Currently, I didn't modify any of the boards and am using their built in connections.  I am not sure what anyone would want, but if someone would have a suggestion or example I would be very grateful.  Let me know if you would like anymore information from me.  I haven't even tried using a LPM yet and am already stuck.  I have spent hours reading the datasheets and just come away more confused every time.


    The Launchpad also comes with an MSP430g2452 if the USI interface would be a better option than the USCI, but when I was doing research it seemed like the 2553 with the USCI was more popular.

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