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  1. Posted new issue MSP432 Serial baud rates. #946
  2. @@Fmilburn, @@energia, I think this is officially an Energia issue. I have probed both Rx and Tx pins of Serial1 port with a logic analyzer and see no activity below 4800 baud. Note that I did try 2400, 1200, 300.
  3. @@Fmilburn, @@chillyjee, @@energia I have updated to Version 18 because I was having issues with various Baud Rates on Serial and Serial1. After the update I was able to use baud rates 4800 and above. However I can not get baud rates below 4800 to work. I really need a 1200 baud rate to work on Serial1 as the sensor I need to communicate with has a set baud rate of 1200. Can either of you verify that this does not work please. void setup() { Serial.begin(1200); Serial1.begin(1200); Serial.println("Starting..."); } void loop() { Serial1.write('A'); if (Serial1.available())
  4. I am on Mac Osx, MSP432 LaunchPad. If this has been mentioned previously, I apologize. I wondered where folks were clicking the "update" button because I never saw it in ENERGIA 18. I tried downloading the terminal/dfu utilities from TI but was unable to update the emulator. I kept getting "command not found" errors even though I was in the correct directory. I gave up. I found the easy fix was to use TI's Cloud Tools which includes an cloud based version of CCS found here: https://dev.ti.com/. I ran a sample Energia program with the board plugged in. I got the same error as in Ener
  5. @@Fmilburn, Yeah I saw that initially so I went out to Energia's github page and grabbed the SoftwareSerial library. (Which is apparently not the correct library for MSP - boards). Makes sense now that I see the AVR libraries included in the SoftwareSerial.cpp file. Thanks.
  6. Really I only need two serial ports for this project. I can use the hardware defined serial ports. However, I only see one UART port on the pin map for the MSP-432. @@Rickta59, do you know which pins Serial1 would be on? Thanks guys!
  7. I'm using Energia V17 and will be compiling for an MSP-432 launchpad. @@Rickta59, Is there a version of Software Serial that will work for me? I guess I'm confused why the AVR only version is in the Energia Repository? Thanks guys.
  8. Hello, I am having problems compiling a sketch that utilizes Software Serial. I'm sure I am simply missing a library somewhere, just not sure what it is. I have attached an image of the errors I am seeing from the compiler window. #include <SoftwareSerial.h> void setup() { // put your setup code here, to run once: } void loop() { // put your main code here, to run repeatedly: } Can someone verify that Software Serial is working in Energia and perhaps tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks! -Jason
  9. @@abecedarian, Ha ha I was just writing to say thank you to everyone that has pitched in and helped me, especially you! Honestly I don't see a better workaround for the time being and things are actually working flawless. Spitting the two interrupts into two is actually nice as each interrupt is much simpler. Thanks again. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////// I N T E R R U P T //////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  10. @@abecedarian, Thanks for the Idea of using two pins for the interrupt rising and falling. This actually would solve most of my issues as I would then truly know the state of the pin.... I think. Also thanks for this little sample sketch I will try running it later today.. HA I was going to ask if you tried different delays since 100mS vs 200mS might be hard to tell, but I see in your edit you did that The GPIO thing isn't really an issue for us. Thanks again.
  11. @@chicken, Your'e right. It doesn't really solve the problem. I posted a followup over there after I pulled my head out and realized that is not an actual workaround. Re-establishing the interrupt within the interrupt might work. I know detaching and reattaching inside an interrupt does work on my arduino. I might have to try that. I really didn't want to have to refresh on C but maybe I will have to... Or revert back to arduino.
  12. @@energia, @@Fmilburn Ryan Brown over at TI has given a workaround for the digitalRead(). It is found here: https://e2e.ti.com/support/microcontrollers/msp430/f/166/p/506515/1838064#1838064 I'm not quite sure how this works but it does seem to.
  13. That's good to hear. Iv'e also done that a couple times
  14. @@Fmilburn, Thanks for mentioning that. That explains what I have been seeing but I did not pick up on that. I was going insane here trying to figure out why my arduino based code that has worked flawlessly isn't working at all. I hope these issues can get resolved soon. @@energia, Has an issue been created for the attachInterrupt(CHANGE) problem that @@Fmilburn just mentioned?
  15. Robert, I have created the new issue found here: https://github.com/energia/Energia/issues/873 Also I was wondering if you can think of a workaround in the meantime? We are trying to have a working prototype by next week. Thank You.
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