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  1. Also don't know if I need to convert like analogread() values or anything else because I am using 3.3V?
  2. @Fmilburn Okay now I am actually getting sound from the project! However, it is kinda just noise I don't think my bitshift is correct or the values are being converted correctly? Code: const int cs = 8; // SPI chip select int testVal; char DacValue; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); Serial1.begin(9600); Serial.println("Starting..."); pinMode(cs, OUTPUT); SPI.begin(); } void loop() { if (Serial1.available()) {// If there is SHIT in the buffer delay(1); //You may need a delay here for reliability DacValue = Serial1.read(); //Serial.print(DacValue); }
  3. Yes, I can also see the wiggles on the scope. This is working for the DAC. This is why I don't understand why I can't get the signal from the xbees... I will try again
  4. @@Fmilburn Sorry for the confusing post... So I don't honestly know what the problem is... I am pretty sure that the transmitting part of the project is okay. I am sending data and I can see that I am through different software. However, I don't think the data is being transferred to the DAC. When I put an oscilloscope on the DAC output I get no voltage. So, I am 95% sure its with the receiving part. I don't know if my bit shift is off or if the dac is just not getting any data. I also don't really know how to troubleshoot in Energia.
  5. Can you use spi and uart? I seem to be getting the values of the mic but they don't transfer to the dac?? when I add a serial.print in the Rx code. I can see numbers popping up but only when i send a number..
  6. Regarding my last post... I don't think the microphone values are correct when transmitting. I can send dummy values successfully through the xbees but I think something is wrong when I try to transmit the audio signal...
  7. Hello! I am having trouble getting the correct values from my MSP432 to my DAC. So basically my project setup is as follows: Transmitting: -Microphone connected to the A15 channel of my MSP432 -Xbee connected to the UART pins 3.2, 3.3 CODE Tx: const int MICAN = A15; // MIC in void setup() { Serial1.begin(9600); // baud rate setting } void loop() { Serial1.print(analogRead(MICAN));// send mic value over serial delay(100); // for testing } /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Receiving: -MSP432 connected to my other Xbee d
  8. The xbees are working correctly! I now am having an issue out transferring data to DAC but I will create new forum. Thanks to everyone that helped! I really appreciate it
  9. oh my goodness... you are correct, how dumb could I be... I need to sleep once in a while. Thank you so much, I will let everyone know if this solves the issue
  10. okay I ran this code onto my msp432 with the zigbee connected to the correct pins. How am I suppose to know if the zigbee is communicating? I need it to send information from the msp432 analog in pin to out through pin 4 of msp432 which is the tx of zigbee.
  11. So the serial1 seems to NOT be sending data via USB port now which is good I think. However, I am still not receiving anything on the second Xbee device. I don't know if I have to set certain pins for the Xbee device?
  12. How would I declare the UART pins and then send the data to those pins so it can transmit to the other Xbee
  13. I can't find any software serial examples for the MSP432, only the MSP430. So I don't know how to define the pins for this program... The two xbee can communicate just not through the energia code.
  14. Hi, I am new to MSP432 and Xbee devices. I am trying to use the MSP432 and the Diji Xbee S1 to transmit and receive audio signals. However, I can't seem to transmit data over the Xbee. I just have the xbee module connected to pins: 3.3V, Ground, pin 3.3 transmitter and 3.2 receiver... I have confirmed that the Xbee's communicate using XCTU. Code: void setup() { Serial.begin(9600);// baud rate setting } void loop() { Serial.print("Failing");// send mic value over serial delay(100);// for testing } I can see the "Failing" showing up on the com port but not on the other
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