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  1. on the front page, Mathew Witherwax said:



    I ordered it a week ago. You receive an email with your license information. In addition you will find a link to it under myRegistered software at ti.com. The license is node locked, but you can transfer it one time. Also, the offer is limited to two copies.


    but Rickta59 said:



    Yes there is a page on the TI site to manage the node if you need to switch. I've switched 2 times in the last 4 years.



    So, who is right? should I bind the node license to a usb wifi dongle to cover the case that I get a new laptop once a year? Or do you think I will be able to change the MAC in the node license more than just 1 time in the future?
  2. I got notified that they shipped my order yesterday :)



    What is the real issue with 64bit here? the 32bit version does work on 64bit linux systems like on windows, right? Are there any other caveats beside that with a 64bit version, you could compile faster?

  3. @hamada

    your setup should work fine as far as I can tell. The datasheet from ST on page 6 says that it should be fine even with 2.4V input on the "data pin", only the output current will be lower, but it is still 200mA at 2.4V, more than enough for your led.

    Maybe you could test it without the launchpad first by just applying 3.3V or 5V to the input pin on the ULN2003. If this doesn't work, I would say, your LED or the ULN2003 is damaged. Or use a multimeter to check :)

  4. Neuroduino is a simple implementation for the arduino platform, you will surely find inspiration there. But I'm not really sure what you intent to do with the neural network if you succeed. I don't want to  sound like an a-hole, but usually people experimenting with neural networks are a bit more trained to do their own online research before asking in forums. Have you ever play around with neural networks (ready-made implementations) on a computer?

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