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    Simeon reacted to mcenhillk in Cant install Energia on ubuntu help   
    From the terminal session you posted, I'm guessing either the file isn't where you are telling the tar command where it is or the download is corrupted somehow and is not a valid file. If you are 100% positive that you have the path and filename correct, would redownload the file.
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    Simeon reacted to roadrunner84 in Cant install Energia on ubuntu help   
    Note that Linux filenames are case sensitive, so
    are not the same file! Note the capital D in Downloads.
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    Simeon reacted to energia in Cant install Energia on ubuntu help   
    There was a mistake in the instructins. I just corrected it: http://energia.nu/guide/guide_linux/
    It should be:
    - Open a terminal and cd to your how directory:
    cd ~
    - unpack the energia using tar.
    tar -xzf <directory you downloaded Energia>/energia-0101E00XYZ-linux64.tgz
    To Run Energia:
    In a terminal cd to the directory where you have unpacked Energia. e.g. /home/username/energia-0101E00XYZ-linux64/
    ./energia &
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