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  1. hmmm I see, currently I configured it to a static IP, I guess to map the website name to the static Ip, it'll have to be done on the router I guess. Btw how do you use the mDNS in my case ?
  2. Hi, I know that wifi.begin uses DHCP and grabs an IP assigned to the cc3200. my question is, can I convert the IP to a website name instead of just the IP numbers ? Right now, I am using the simplewebserver example and I get the IP for the device to be It says to open and see the webpage, type that IP into a browser. But Instead of putting that IP into the browser,is there a way that I could put something like mywebsite.com and still get to the same page on IP ? this is all local, so no port forwarding and no accessing the website from outside the router.
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