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  1. Well, I've came back to flash option with still using Energia. I need to know from which address (segment) I can safely erase/write? So, I made a little investigation by implementing a simple memory printout (PrintFlash) aka hexdump utility as following (note, that in TM4C123 the flashrom is accessible from 0x0 to 0x3FFFF directly pointed by blk_adr): void PrintFlash() { uint32_t i, j, blk_adr; tFlashProtection fx; Serial.println("\nPrinting FLASH permission map."); for(i = 0; i < 255; ++i) { blk_adr = i * 1024; // fx = FlashProtectGet(blk_adr); Serial.p
  2. Right, it is 2kB in EEPROM, though might be enough for my needs. Thank you!
  3. Hello! I am using Energia to program TM4C123GXL board. The program performs a primitive data acquisition with low frequency and stores it (together with timestamps) as an array in RAM. I would like to store data in EEPROM or, preferebly in FLASH. Micro-controller has 256kB flash. How can I save data there? There is flash API (flash.h and flash.c) in lm4f/driverlib/ though I am not sure even at which address range I can write/erase data? Can anybody point out to a working example? thanks for help!
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